About me

Hi! I’m Aysu. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Istanbul, currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I have a Graphic Design masters degree and a Business Administration bachelor degree with a specialization in marketing.

My art and design journey began when I started drawing woman portraits by the age 5, experimenting with photoshop by the age 8, drawing fashion illustrations eagerly by the age 10, creating manual packagings by the age 12, a lot of collagework and still life painting by the age 15. I’ve attended lots of art classes in Budapest and Istanbul, a one year fashion design course in Istanbul, a whole year of architecture classes at Vienna University of Technology and a one year graphic design course in Florence, Italy. After a long time of experiencing different things and searching my place in different fields, I’ve found myself home in graphic design and illustration.

Now I’m very happy to share my art with you that reflects my journey and experiences in life. My goal is also to sell my illustrations and make people inspired through my art. My illustrations include mostly female portraits and elements from nature with an emotional and spiritual approach.

I hope you like them and support me in my journey! Many thanks!